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What is elastic webbing and kinds of elastic webbing

The webbing is made of a range of threads as a slim webbing or tubular webbing. There are several type of webbing, such as jacquard webbing, printing webbing, elastic band and so on, which are extensively used in various commercial sectors such as garments, footwear materials, clinical, sport item, baggage, industry, agriculture, army need, transport and more. So, how is the webbing categorized? What are the classifications individually? The following is an analysis by Amanda Textile Factory for every person.

elastic band1. According to the material, it can be separated right into nylon/PP polypropylene/acrylic/cotton/ polyester/gold silver metallic/spandex/shiny nylon/ rayon. The distinction between nylon and also PP webbing is that the nylon webbing is extra glossy as well as softer than the PP webbing, generally the cost of nylon webbing is higher than a PP webbing.

2. According to the weaving method, it can be divided right into as simple, twill, satin and assorted.

Simple weave/ little corrugated/ twill/ safety and security webbing/ pit pattern/ bead pattern/ jacquard as well as various other PP webbing such as 900D/1200D/1600D according to the thickness of the thread; meantime, the density also determines its device price and also strength.

3. According to the nature of usage, it can be split into clothing webbing, footwear webbing, luggage webbing, protection webbing, other unique webbing, and so on

4. According to the features of the webbing itself (whether use a latex or spandex), it can be separated into two kinds: flexible webbing and inflexible webbing (non-elastic webbing).

5. According to the technological, it can be divided right into two categories: woven webbing and weaved webbing. The webbing, specifically for the weaving of jacquard webbing and also jacquard elastic, it's not just took a very long time however likewise inefficiency while in production as well as threading, but, definitely, they can be produced in a vast customized jacquard style. Currently, the shuttle-less webbing is a lot more typical than the woven webbing in market.

6. According to the qualities, it can be separated right into jacquard elastic band/ rope belt/ knit band/ jacquard band/ herringbone band/ luggage band/ velour belt/ velvet belt/ publishing band/ fove over elastic ribbon.

elastic bandYou can select a suitable webbing products according to your real demand, and you can additionally maintain constant interest to Amanda Fabric to supply a growing number of tailored webbing.
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