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Do you know just how to recognize a polyester webbing as well as nylon webbing?

Nylon webbing as well as polyester webbing have quite similar appearance yet different features it's difficult to differentiate with eyes.

Then how to determine the difference in between nylon webbing and also polyester webbing? Let us-- Jiangyin Amanda webbing inform you the approach.

Initially, remove from numerous warp as well as weft threads from nylon webbing as well as polyester webbing after that mark for them. Then shed to every products, seeing the physical phenomena of nylon webbing and also polyester webbing throughout they are shedding, it will certainly assist us to identify the material of warp and also weft yarns.

Second, be carefully examine the flame, the melting condition, the odor they produce when melting and also composed them.

After shedding to nylon webbing and polyester webbing, we got an report for them as bellow:

Polyester webbing: near fire, bead and also blister to continue burning, a little smoke, very weak pleasant preference, hard, round, elastic bands black or brown.

Nylon webbing: melting as well as reducing near fire, leaking and frothing, not direct continual combustion, like celery taste hard, round, light, brown to gray, beaded.

Various materials of the webbing, the identification technique is different, so we recommend that the most effective method is recognize according to the actual scenario.
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